Accessories around the sewer

Here you will find accessories around the sewer. Just have a look around! Be it manhole cover lifter, waste water marking dye or a compressed air filling hose

Just look around and strike now!

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Drain-cover jack

Product no.: 11500152

Drain-cover jack

800mm long, with pointed U-Hook

In stock
can be shipped within ca. 1-3 days

Wastewater Dye in different colours available

Product no.: 1169550

Wastewater Dye

For colourising wastewater to trace piplines and find leakages.

starting from 25.90

Compressed-air Hose 10 m with Gauge and Valve

Product no.: 9063010

Professional version with quick-release coupling (socket / plug) shut-off ball valve and pressure gauge 0 - 2.5 bar.

In stock
can be shipped within 1-3 days